Temporary accommodation and relocation

Updated: 20 April 2011

Permission for temporary relocation of businesses and homes

The Christchurch City Council has streamlined the process for businesses and householders who require temporary accommodation as a result of the earthquakes.

The Christchurch City Council may now approve temporary accommodation that would otherwise not comply with the City and District Plans, provided the accommodation complies with specific requirements.

If you are planning to relocate to temporary accommodation that breaches the City Plan or District Plan, you must apply for permission. If you have already relocated, you must still apply for retrospective permission.

  • If the proposed accommodation complies with all of the Council’s standards for temporary accommodation, the Council will approve it.
  • If the accommodation does not comply with the standards, a simple and quick process will be used to determine whether the accommodation can be approved, with suitable conditions attached.

More information:

Temporary Accommodation Service

The Temporary Accommodation Service has been set up by the Department of Building and Housing and the Ministry of Social Development to help Christchurch householders to find temporary accommodation following the September 2010 or February 2011 earthquakes.

The Temporary Accommodation Service provides:

  • Temporary accommodation matching
  • Social Services coordination
  • Financial assistance

For more information, go to www.quakeaccommodation.govt.nz.