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Central city Red Zone limited access

As at midday 22 June 2011 access into the central city Red Zone is open to CPEng engineers and their safety(s).

Safety is our primary concern and the reason for shutting the Red Zone – many buildings have suffered additional damage and there have been some collapses.

Entry is for building inspection/evaluation purposes only – no property retrieval/business access is permitted until further notice.

Media Advisory – Public Information Update, 16:30, Monday 28 March 2011

This information may have been superseded.
For the latest updates, go to the
Media Releases.

Trial entry into Red Zone

  • Trial runs will be conducted today and tomorrow as Civil Defence officials formulate a strategy for providing safe access for residents and businesses to the Red Zone.
  • Limited, highly controlled entry will be provided to property owners and tenants of New Regent Street today (Monday 28 March 2011), and the Price Waterhouse Cooper building tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Two to four nominees from each property or floor, depending on the size of the building, will be able to retrieve items critical to moving on with their lives or livelihoods. The items will need to be able to fit into wheelie bins.
  • Business owners wanting to access the Red Zone, who require critical items and whose details have been registered on the Recover Canterbury website, will be contacted if and when they can access their buildings.
  • The plan may vary for other Red Zone buildings depending on feedback from these trial runs.
  • Civil Defence cautions that this will be a slow process due to the complexity of the work and the safety issues involved. 
  • Civil Defence is also looking into how critical items retrieval may be possible from some red placarded buildings.

Cordon accreditation

  • New passes and tighter protocols will be put in place to facilitate access for those with a legitimate need to be in Christchurch’s inner city area. 
  • It will also tighten security in the area, with old passes issued to demolition companies being rescinded, and new ones issued to all demolition contractors. 
  • Civil Defence takes the property rights of owners very seriously and understands the frustrations of residents and business owners who are trying to retrieve their possessions.
  • These new passes will be provided once the process has been finalised. Details for when and how these passes will be given out will be announced shortly.


  • The moratorium on demolition and deconstruction work has ceased. From today (Monday 28 March 2011), specific, signed off work will continue.
  • Civil Defence takes seriously any suggestion of criminal activity by demolition companies and contractors within the Red Zone and the protection of people’s property rights is paramount.
  • Because of this, and due to information received from Police, Civil Defence has withdrawn access for two organisations.

Delay in cordon reduction

  • There has been a delay in the opening of Zone 5, which was due to be opened to business owners today (Monday 28 March 2011) and the general public tomorrow.
  • Future target opening dates will be announced as soon as they have been rescheduled.


  • Water restrictions are still in place in Christchurch. Please continue to minimise your water use:
    • Do not water your garden or clean your vehicles
    • Have a quick shower
    • Only use your dishwasher when it’s full
    • Only use your washing machine when you have a full load
    • Minimise toilet flushing.
  • There are a number of leaks in the city’s reservoirs and water pipes, which is leading to a decrease in water supplies.
  • Water has been restored to all Christchurch properties except for the Red Zone within the CBD. If any residents are still without water, they should phone 03 941 8999.
  • Twenty-five chlorination units have been installed and are operating in areas of the city where water infrastructure has been badly damaged.
  • Both chlorinated and non-chlorinated water must be brought to a boil before drinking and food preparation.
  • Boiling chlorinated or storing it an open vessel in the refrigerator will reduce the smell and taste of chlorine in drinking water. 
  • There are 61 temporary water supply sites around Christchurch.

Bikes available for retrieval from today

  • Bikes retrieved from the CBD can be claimed daily between 7 am and 8 pm.
  • Bike owners should go to the Armagh Street entrance of Hagley Park and provide proof of ownership.
  • Motorcycles are to be retrieved using the standard vehicle recovery process. Owners can log a request with the Vehicle Recovery team at


  • Port-a-loos that fell over during last night’s (Sunday 27 March 2011) stormy weather conditions will be fixed through regular scheduled maintenance visits. Where this has not happened, residents can phone 03 941 8999.
  • Residents with port-a-loos on their street are encouraged to use them even if their own toilet is working.
  • Please do not put plastic bags in chemical or portable toilets as this causes blockages.

Portable showers

  • Six portable shower locations around the city are open 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.
  • Staff are on site. Take your own toiletries.

Rubbish collection

  • Normal kerbside collection has resumed today (Monday 28 March 2011) and normal days and frequencies apply.
  • Collections will not be carried out in the inner city cordoned area.