Update: Saturday 24 December 2011, 10.00 am

Water supply and waste water

Water infrastructure is holding. Sampling of water in reservoirs and wells will continue today. There is no need to boil water.

Water is now being restored in Sumner.

As the water comes on it may be slightly discoloured. People are advised to gently run the tap for two minutes.

Water tankers are located at The Esplanade and at the junction of Wakefield Avenue and Nayland Stre

Residents should have water across the city. Anyone who does not have water should phone the call centre on 941 8999  / 0800 800 169.

Waste water is overflowing in to the Avon River. Please stay away from the river and estuary.

Roads and access

Contractors are busy clearing roads filling in potholes to assist with access and making roads safe.

Student Army

The Student Army have mobilised. To volunteer, or to ask for help with physical labour, go to www.facebook.com/#!/StudentVolunteerArmy  .

High tide

High tides have not caused any problems. Stop banks are being inspected and will continue to be monitored.


Windsor School Welfare Centre had two people staying overnight and will close at 11am today.

Anyone who is feeling distressed or overwhelmed by the aftershocks and needs extra help to cope with the situation can call the Canterbury Support Line on 0800 777 846 between 8am – 11pm seven days a week, including Christmas Day.

Those people who would like Christmas lunch are invited to the City Mission Christmas lunch at Christchurch East School – 311 Gloucester Street, 11.30am – 2.00pm. People are advised to arrive at 11.30am. 


If you are worried about the safety of your home evacuate the building and contact a building professional as soon as you are able.

Owners of commercial buildings are urged to engage a Chartered Professional (structural) Engineer to check their buildings before allowing people to occupy them.


People who have already been issued with chemical toilets in the east of the city, and who are having problems with their waste water should use their chemical toilets while the sewers are being cleared. If you need more chemicals phone the call centre (941 8999 / 0800 800 169) and we will get them delivered to your property.

If you don’t have a chemical toilet but you are having problems with flushing the toilet and waste water phone the call centre and a portable toilet will be delivered to you.

Parks update

With reports of rock falls around the Port Hills the Rapaki track that was re-opened yesterday is now closed. 

Please check for on-site signs before walking any of the Port Hills tracks as many are closed because of the risk of rock fall.  Other parks remain open including the Botanic Gardens,  Bottle Lake Forest Park, Spencer Park, Groynes and Halswell Quarry.

People are reminded to stay away from the Port Hills unless they live there, or need to be there. Rock fall remains a potential hazard in hill areas, including Rapaki Track which was re-opened for public use yesterday morning, before this recent cluster of aftershocks.

Public transport

The bus system continues to operate across the city, as usual.


The Central City Re:Start shopping precinct is open today, however, the Cathedral Square Walkway is closed. number of supermarkets have reopened. Please see  www.foodstuffs-si.co.nz and ww.countdown.co.nz .

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