Public Information Update: 1700hrs Wednesday 20 April 2011

Key Building Status

Civil Defence today approved a further 55 buildings for demolition, partial demolition, or that need work to make them safe, bringing the total to 348 buildings.

The status of the buildings added to the list is 29 demolish, 14 partial demolish and 12 that need work to make them safe.

The situation with building status is dynamic, and will continue to be so as more information is obtained and buildings are impacted by subsequent events. This is reflected in the change of status of some buildings from one release to the next.

There has been no change in the status of significant buildings, for example the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

The list of additions is current to 15 April inclusive.

View the lists at

Road closure around Strategy Building

Sections of road around the Strategy Building are closed during the building’s demolition including Victoria Street, Salisbury Street and Montreal Street.

There is currently no through-route north via Montreal Street however, it is intended that Montreal Street will reopen tomorrow evening, Thursday 21 April.


Civil Defence advises residents that there may be localised surface flooding this evening in Avonside and New Brighton with Spring tides expected to raise water levels between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Levels are expected to recede after 8.30pm.

Civil Defence are not expecting water levels to be as high over Easter, but we are closely monitoring the situation.

Civil Defence contractors will be working today to raise river banks along the Avon. We do not expect these works to continue into the night.

Services closed during Easter

Civil Defence essential staff will remain on stand-by during Easter in the event of a significant aftershock or an earthquake.

The portacoms will be closed for Easter and reopen Tuesday 26 April.

Recovery Assistance Centres will be closed for Easter and reopen Tuesday 26 April.

Community showers will remain open 7am to 7pm each day throughout Easter.

Red Zone paper-based identification system to expire

The red paper-based identification system for entry into the Red Zone expires on Monday 25 April. Those requiring limited entry into the Red Zone from Tuesday 26 April will need to come to the portacom for a NEW photographic pass.

Anyone found in the Red Zone without the new photographic pass from Tuesday 26 April will be detained by police.

Residents living in the cordoned areas and the Red Zone can continue to use photographic ID and proof of address at checkpoints which are closest to their home.

Red Zone Curfew and Cordon Restrictions – Easter

The curfew in the Red Zone from 7pm to 7am remains in place over the Easter break. This includes ALL residents, business owners and contractors. ANYONE in breach of the curfew will be detained by the police, and may face serious penalties.

Restrictions continue for Zones 4 South and Zone 6 during Easter. Only residents should be found within these zones during 7pm and 7am.

The Army will maintain cordon checkpoints and entry points over the Easter break.

Evans Pass Road Closure

The road closure at Evans Pass Road, between Sumner and Evans Pass, has been extended due to recent bad weather and the need to re-inspect the slope following Saturday’s aftershock.

The aim is to re-open on Friday 22 April. The Sumner Road from Evans Pass to Lyttelton remains closed.

Zone 7 opens tomorrow

Zone 7 will open tomorrow, Thursday 21 April at 8am to residents and business owners. It will be opened to the general public 24 hours later on Friday 22 April, Good Friday.

Kerbside Collection during Easter

Kerbside collection is back to normal in all zones other than the Red Zone.

If your regular weekly collection is on a Friday, your waste bins will be collected on Friday 22 April (Good Friday). If your regular weekly collection is on a Monday, your waste bins will be collected on Monday 25 April (Easter Monday).

Orion/electricity update

The Bromley to Dallington overhead line is now live, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Diesel generators are being removed from the network in the eastern suburbs as cable faults are repaired and mains power restored.

Diesel generation remains on standby as backup. Eastern suburbs householders are asked to conserve electricity.

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Treatment Plant update

We are seeing improvements to the operation of the Christchurch Treatment Plant. As of Friday 15 April we had six oxidation tanks in operation, compared to the previous Friday when we had 2 ½ tanks in operation.

The quality of the final effluent has improved. All flow arriving at the plant is now going through the treatment process before going to the ponds.

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