Public Information Update: 1700hrs Tuesday 12 April 2011

Water Chlorination

Water chlorination continues across the city, including Lyttelton to safeguard drinking water. Chlorine has been introduced on pump stations feeding the east side of the city to provide extra protection to the public water supply given the extensive damage that occurred to both the water supply and wastewater pipe networks after the February 22 earthquake.

Chlorine is a highly effective disinfectant and helps kill harmful bacteria that could potentially exist in the water or in the water supply pipes given the damage to the underground pipe network.

To reduce the smell and taste of chlorine in drinking water, boil chlorinated water or store it an open vessel in the refrigerator.

Water chlorination will continue until further notice. Extensive work is underway in designing and starting construction of new water mains and sewer pressure mains to reduce the risks to the public water supply. Once this work is completed, chlorine will be removed from the water supply.

Community briefings start this weekend

Round three Community Briefings will be held Saturday 16, Sunday 17 and Monday 18 April 2011.

Briefings will provide an update essential services and other important information about personal and community welfare as well as a general city-wide update and information about the areas surrounding each meeting location.

Briefings will be held at South New Brighton, Parklands, Shirley, Bromley, Sumner, Lyttelton, Woolston and Sydenham.

More details.

Time Capsule revealed

The two sealed time capsules were opened today by Mayor Bob Parker at the Canterbury Museum and the contents of both were revealed.

Contents inside the copper tube found under the Godley Statue include

  • a series of newspapers dated 1933
  • documents relating to the move of the Godley Statue
  • a small metal disk promoting a local plumber of the day.

 Contents inside the tin box found in the old Civic Building include:

  • various newspapers of the time, including The Sun, The Star, The Press and The Lyttelton Times.
  • a book about Christchurch 1922 -1923
  • a letter which gives details of the Council at the time (1922)
  • photos, including panoramic shots of city

Council documents including annual plan, balance sheets and statements.

Mayor Bob Parker and Anthony Wright, Canterbury Museum Director, open the sealed tin box time capsule.

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