Public Information Update: 1700 hours Monday 11 April 2011

Chemical toilet distribution during the weekend

1200 chemical toilets were handed out from pick-up locations in six of the eastern suburbs on Saturday to residents in those suburbs who missed the initial delivery.

Residents in the chemical toilet distribution areas who have not received a chemical toilet or are having trouble operating their chemical toilet should call 03 941-8999.

Chemical toilet additives

There are no issues with using the additives supplied with chemical toilets.

Due to the tiny amounts involved, there is no effect at the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant. The concentration of the active ingredients (sulfamic acid and bronopol) in the products is well within international limits.

These additives pose no greater risk to public health than other astringent cleaning products in homes, which, if used with care, are not hazardous. As with all household cleaning products, it is recommended that these additives be kept out of the reach of children.

The additives should be disposed of in the tanks provided – not in portaloos, gardens, existing toilets or any other receptacle, because this is good health practice and doesn’t stress the sewerage system.

Do not remove placards

Only Civil Defence can remove placards from buildings. While a State of Emergency is in place, placards must remain on display.

If a building has a yellow or red placard, a detailed engineering evaluation is required before placard status can be reviewed. (Building owners should contact EQC for advice in engaging a Chartered Professional Structural Engineer.)

If after engaging a Chartered Professional Structural Engineer the owner has carried out work, the yellow or red placard must stay in place until a Civil Defence reassessment has been made.

A reassessment can be arranged by sending the engineer’s report to A Civil Defence engineer will visit the building to make the reassessment and may recommend to have placard status changed.

Reduction of cordons Zone 4 North and Zone 7A

Accessing Montreal Street in Zone 4 – Drivers entering Montreal Street north of the Arts Centre are reminded that there is no left turn from Bealey Avenue into Montreal – this is a one-way system north. However, it is possible to turn left from Bealey Avenue down Victoria Street, and then left into Montreal Street.
Zone 7A – Chester Street East, Madras Street, Barbadoes Street and Oxford Terrace was opened to residents and business owners today, and will be open to the public from 8am tomorrow [Tuesday 12 April]. Military checkpoints will remain in place after 7A Zone has opened to the public to ensure there is no unauthorised entry into Zones 6, 7 and the Red Zone.

Car washes are starting again

Civil Defence is allowing car washes to operate again in some areas – this is because 80 per cent of water used in this process is recycled, and relatively little water is used, making car washing operations extremely efficient. Residents are asked to conserve water as this reduces pressure on the wastewater network and reduces demand on the water supply network.

Voting in the upcoming election

Christchurch residents who have moved will still be able to vote in the General Election later this year, regardless of where they are now living.
The Electoral Enrolment Centre has put together a flyer to help advise those who have been affected by the earthquake. The flyer is available on

Boil water notice lifted across the city:

  • The Canterbury District Health Board is satisfied that Christchurch tap water is now safe to drink without boiling.
  • The boil water notice has been lifted across all suburbs in Christchurch, Lyttelton and Banks Peninsula.

Roading – 30kph speed limits introduced in eastern suburbs:

  • Reduced speed limits are being introduced on earthquake damaged roads in Christchurch’s eastern suburbs to prevent further deterioration and allow for repairs
  • Police will be enforcing the new 30kph speed limits in: Avondale, Avonside, Burwood, Clifton/Richmond Hill, Dallington, Ferrymead, Horseshoe Lake, New Brighton, North New Brighton, Parklands, Richmond, St Andrews/Mt Pleasant/Balmoral Hill, Sumner, Waimari Beach/Northshore.

Road Closure – Evans Pass Road:

  • Evans Pass Road is closed this week to allow blasting, and placement and removal of rockfall-arresting containers.
  • The road is closed as follows: Tuesday 12 April to Thursday 14 April: intermittent closures up to 2 hours, between 8am – 5pm; Friday 15 April: 8.30am to 5.00pm.

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