Media Advisory 4:15pm, Friday 8 April 2011: Speed limits introduced in eastern suburbs

Reduced speed limits are this week being introduced on earthquake damaged roads in Christchurch’s eastern suburbs.

Police will be enforcing the new 30 km/h speed limits in the areas outlined on these maps.

The 30 km/h speed limits are being introduced on roads damaged by the earthquake to prevent any further deterioration. The reduced speed limit will remain in place until the road has been repaired and the need will then be reviewed. This is in addition to speed restrictions in other locations around the city.

Transport Manager Alan Beuzenberg says that short-term road repairs will be made in the first instance to bring the roads up to acceptable standards for vehicles to travel safely.

“We will introduce the 30 km/h speed limits along the roads where repairs will take a longer time to complete,” he says.

Canterbury Road Policing Manager Inspector Al Stewart says police will be stepping up patrols in support of the new speed restrictions.

“We’re urging drivers to keep their speeds down and keep the roads safe for everyone,” he says.

“With many streets in poor condition, drivers are putting themselves and other road users at risk of injury and death if they try to flout the speed restrictions,” he says.

“Speeding vehicles are also a major headache for residents in hard-hit parts of the city,” he says. “It’s an extra stress that people just don’t need right now.

“Police will be actively enforcing the new reduced speed limits, and we will be out there with additional patrols, providing a regular visible presence.”

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