Storm water and surface flooding – 5 April 2011

Heavy rain over the past 24 hours on earthquake damaged roads has caused isolated areas of minor surface flooding today.

Director of Infrastructure Michael Aitken says in some instances the curbing channels on roads are not running storm water in the right direction and large puddles are appearing in random places due to uneven ground underneath roads.

“We ask that people please take extreme care when driving and use common sense on roads that have a number of pot holes and puddles.

“However we’re not aware of any major surface flooding due to blockages in the stormwater pipe network and areas that may have potential issues are being continually monitored.”

Works will continue throughout the day and nightshift crews will be on call to attend to urgent storm water issues overnight.

Civil Defence advises residents this is likely to be an ongoing issue in the coming months, but will be managed and monitored continuously to avoid serious surface flooding.

Further Information:

  • Hill cracks have been found on Egnot Heights in Redcliffs. Crews are onsite inspecting these cracks and trying to divert water from cracks.
  • Significant surface water has appeared outside Princess Margaret Hospital due to a leaf blockage. Crews are onsite.
  • A full inspection of stop banks has been completed this morning and there are no issues.

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