Public Information Update – 1600 hrs, 29 March 2011

Zone 5 opening

  • Zone 5, the area inside Moorhouse Avenue, Barbadoes Street, St Asaph Street and Colombo Street, will open to residents and businesses on Thursday 31 March from 8 am.
  • Residents and businesses will first need to report to the Mobile Information Centre at the CPIT carpark on Madras St.
  • Residents will need to bring photo identification and proof of residence, and businesses will need to register on if they have not done so already.
  • Zone 5 will open to the general public the following day (Friday 1 April) from 8 am onwards.
  • Some areas of Zone 5 will remain fenced off for safety reasons and should not be entered, and entry to red placard buildings is prohibited.

Demolitions underway to reopen zones

  • Twenty demolitions are currently underway in Zones 5, 6, 7, 8 and 4 North.
  • None of these buildings are significant heritage buildings.
  • Demolitions will be prioritised on the basis of public safety, freeing up public access to areas and focusing on the less complex projects first.

Placard allocations

  • More than 70,000 buildings have been inspected to determine placard status throughout the city. This includes commercial buildings, residential homes and heritage buildings.
  • Latest figures for red placards
    • Commercial buildings within the suburbs 956
    • Buildings within the CBD 1089
    • Residential buildings 1859
    • Heritage buildings 411

Vehicle retrieval

  • 2867 vehicles have been recovered from the Red Zone since the vehicle retrieval process began.
  • Vehicles can be retrieved from the CBD daily between 7 am and 8 pm.
  • Owners should go to the Armagh Street entrance of Hagley Park and provide description of location and keys.

Silt removal

  • The number to phone for private silt removal has changed to 03 366 2442.
  • Residents are asked to phone this line to arrange removal of significant amounts of silt they are unable to move themselves.
  • If people are able to move silt on their own, it needs to be deposited on the road, one metre out from the kerb. They should then notify the pick-up service by phoning 027 499 5592.

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