Sydenham businesses to be given controlled access for the three hours this wednesday, 1830, Monday, 21 March 2011

Businesses in Zone 8 (Moorhouse Ave to Brougham Street, Sydenham) with green or yellow placards will be given controlled access to their buildings for three hours this Wednesday afternoon (March 23) to retrieve essential business continuity items.

Canterbury Business Recovery Group (CBRG) spokesperson Renée Walker said the news would be well received by businesses who have been unable to access their premises since February 22.

“We have been working hard with Civil Defence to get this controlled access into Sydenham. For many of these businesses this will be the difference between being able to continue trading and not. This will allow them to retrieve servers, computers and key business items and set up temporarily in other locations until they know when, and whether, they can trade again from their usual premises”.

Cordon Zone 8

Businesses within Zone 8 (see map) must meet at the CBRG Meeting Point on the corner of Brougham and Colombo Streets at 1.55pm on Wednesday for a briefing before entering the area for three hours from 2pm – 5pm. Access to the meeting point is only possible by turning left from Brougham St into Colombo St.

Only access to green and yellow placarded buildings is permitted, access to red placarded buildings is not permitted. Further assessments on red placarded buildings will be carried out by the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Operations team. Businesses with questions regarding the colour of their placard should call 941 8999.

Businesses can take a maximum of four people into the cordoned area. They need to bring a hard hat and high visibility jacket for each person, and can take in one light vehicle with a trailer. All people should wear closed in shoes as a safety precaution.

For any further queries businesses should contact the Canterbury Business Recovery Group on 0800 50 50 96.

For further information:

Renée Walker (Canterbury Business Recovery Group)
Phone: 0274 558 270

Richard Brewer (Canterbury Business Recovery Group)
Phone: 0274 365 1835

Canterbury Business Recovery Group

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