Media advisory – Tuesday 15 March 2011, 1930 hours

State of national emergency extended to the week 21 March.

This information may have been superseded.
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Cordon reduction.

  • Orange zone 4 South will be open 8 am Thursday 17 March for residents and business owners. It will reopen to the public 8 am Friday 18 March.
  • An Information Centre will be set-up in Cranmer Square on Thursday and Friday 17 and 18 March between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • Most of zone 5, including the CPIT will reopen to residents later in the week.
  • There are firm restrictions within the Red Zone.
  • Public safety is always the first consideration.
  • Target dates for the other zones are to be confirmed.

Vehicle recovery from CBD

  • 750 cars have been returned to owners since Saturday.
  • Anyone with a vehicle located in the CBD should go to the police website for updates on vehicle recovery. Those vehicle owners without web access can register a vehicle on 0800 311 311 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.
  • Police will be retrieving vehicles from the car park at 101 Victoria St tomorrow (Tuesday). Owners of vehicles in this car park should assemble on the corner of Barbadoes St and Moorhouse Ave from 5pm tomorrow with proof of ID and of ownership, and vehicle keys. Owners are asked to be patient, as this process may take some time.
    • The following car parks have been declared too unsafe for retrieval at this stage.
    • Smiths City (Colombo Street/Dundas Street)
    • Lichfield Street car park
    • Farmers car park (194 Oxford Terrace).

Building Assessments (as at 1530 hrs 15 March)

  • Operation Suburb, Operation Shops, and Operation CBD have currently assessed 68,189 buildings .
  • A total of 1571 residential buildings have received red placards.
  • Of 877 heritage buildings that have been inspected, 348 have received red placards.
  • Of commercial buildings inspected, 761 have received red placards 854 yellow placards, and 2,149 green placards.

Process for approving deconstruction

In the case of heritage buildings, a robust process is followed that involves an assessment by Heritage and by Lifelines (utilities) and an inspection carried out by a suitably qualified engineer.

Every endeavour is being made to contact all owners of buildings if demolition or deconstruction is necessary.

There will be no salvaging of materials in buildings unless it is by the building owner or those contracted to carry out salvage work.

Heritage buildings approved for deconstruction

  • Provincial Hotel – 274 Cashel Street
  • 112 Centaurus Road – Dwelling
  • Cathedral Grammar – Chester Street West 8 (2), Stratham Building
  • Austral Building – 603 – 615 Colombo Street (includes 170 Tuam Street)
  • Bean Bags and Beyond – 626 (aka 626) Colombo Street
  • 625 – 629 Colombo Street – Commercial buildings
  • Wave House/Winnie Bagoes – 194 Gloucester Street
  • Hereford Court – 116 Hereford
  • Piko Whole Foods – 229 Kilmore Street
  • Park Lane Handbags – 111 – 113 Lichfield Street
  • Former Ridley Building – 116 Lichfield Street
  • Nurse Maude – 192 Madras Street
  • Charlie Backpacker – 268 Madras Street
  • Former City Council Offices – 198 Manchester Street
  • Forbes Building – 17 Norwich Quay 17, Lyttleton
  • Rhodes Memorial Hospital – Overdale Drive 2
  • Edison Hall, Workshop, Witchery – 230 – 232 Tuam St
  • Domo – 236 Tuam St
  • Fuller Brothers Ltd – 180 Tuam Street
  • Addington Flour Mill – 14 Wise Street
  • Gopals Restaurant and Pedros Restaurant – 143 Worcester Street

This totals 21 buildings, but note that Colombo Street’s Austral Building also includes 170 Tuam Street and there are multiple buildings included in the Colombo Street addresses
NB: This list differs slightly from the list provided at the media briefing today.

Deconstruction of Addington (aka Old Woods) Flour Mill, 14 Wise St.

This deconstruction was triggered by USAR, who recommended the partial or total deconstruction of the building for rescue or recovery purposes or because it presents an unacceptable safety risk from aftershocks.

There are three separate buildings on site that were assessed:

  • the mill building itself that has the greatest heritage value,
  • a chimney, and
  • a brick-clad silos assessed as having a lesser heritage value.

The silos and chimney were badly damaged. The mill building itself was assessed as repairable. The engineer’s report recommended the deconstruction of the silos and the chimney only.

This approved deconstruction sign-off process was followed in this case and the recommendation provided to the National Controller for approval/signature on March 3.

Spring Tides

A spring tide is forecast around this weekend. This will cause slightly higher than normal water levels along sections of the Avon and Heathcote rivers.

Spring tide cycles occur once a month and increase the river level by approximately one metre.

Earthquake Response has prepared for this event and does not anticipate any increased flood risk. Sufficient work is being done to prevent flooding including increasing flood protection in the low lying areas of Bexley, New Brighton, Avondale and Horseshoe Lake.

There is no heavy rainfall predicted for this weekend and early next week.
Earthquake Response will continue to monitor the situation.



  • The network in the Eastern and Southern suburbs is extremely fragile and people in these areas should remain prepared for power cuts and use as little power as possible.
  • Residents without power outside the four avenues should call 03 363 9898 to ensure they are on the Orion system.
  • The Orion media phone number is 027 5055 761.

Extended Bus Services from 14 March

  • Metro bus services will continue to be free to all passengers until Sunday 27 March. For more information on frequency and operating hours of bus routes, see

Residents returning to the city

Residents returning to Christchurch should check with their neighbours for local updates, or see advertisements in the Press or see

People are reminded not to enter any properties with red placards. These buildings are unsafe. For specific advice, call the Christchurch City Council on 03 941 8999 or 0800 800 169.

A red placard is not a demolition order.

Reasons a building may have a red placard attached to it, and is therefore unsafe to enter are:

  • the building itself is badly damaged and structurally unsound
  • neighbouring buildings are in danger of falling in on it
  • it may be in the path of potential rock falls or land slips.

A detailed engineering evaluation is required before building entry or use can be reviewed.

Sewage and toilets

  • If you are waiting for a contractor to remove any sewage overflow, keep children and pets away .
  • Be scrupulous with your hygiene if you have come into contact with sewage: wash hands thoroughly; wash and dry all footwear, clothes, pets, and other objects that have come into contact with sewage.
  • If you have been delivered a chemical toilet, and the water supply has been reinstated to your property, please continue to keep and use the chemical toilet to reduce pressure on the sewage system and keep pollution out of rivers.

For more information, please visit or

Note: All earthquake enquiries Christchurch City Council 0800 800 169.

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