Demolition of Heritage Residential and All Commercial buildings outside CBD cordon, 16:32, Thursday 10 March 2011

All owners of all commercial and heritage residential buildings must have approval before demolishing their buildings anywhere within Christchurch City and Banks Peninsula.  To do this the Civil Defence Demolition and Deconstruction Team request all owners submit the following to

  • Full CPEng engineer’s report that provides the evidence and extent of damage to support the demolition
  • Photos preferably time dated to accompany engineers report
  • Proof of ownership (ie: Copy of title if available)
  • Owners authorisation to demolish

This team are setting up a process to work with NZSAR and the NZ Police to clear all potential demolition sites before demolition begins. There may be people still unaccounted for from the area outside the CBD cordon.

Owners will be notified of the National Controller’s decision in due course which will indicate the approval and/or conditions set for the demolition to take place.

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