Public Information media update: Wednesday 9 March 2011, 12pm

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• Christchurch residents should continue to boil drinking water, regardless of where it comes from.
• Water has been restored to 84% of households.
• The aim is to have water restored to 98% of properties by Friday, 11 March.
• All Christchurch residents should limit water use to ensure there is enough to go around.
• People should not water gardens and should turn off home irrigation systems.

Cordon – Controlled Access for businesses to Red Zone CBD
• For businesses owners to be permitted controlled and escorted access into the CBD Red Zone, they must register on the website.
• There is strict criteria around access into the Red Zone for businesses and each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
• There is no access to any buildings with a red placard as these are unsafe.
• Within the Red Zone controlled demolition is occurring at a number of sites. The heavy machinery being used is causing vibrations which, along with the frequent aftershocks, could affect other buildings.
• The primary focus remains on public safety.
From Monday 14 March access to the Red Zone for other businesses and property owners that fall outside the criteria will be achieved by opening the Red Zone grid by grid. More information will be made available on this.
• A plan for the complex process of retrieving cars located in the CBD will be communicated soon.

Building Recovery Office
• Owners of commercial businesses in Christchurch can email for information on the placard status of their building.
• People wanting to lodge or follow up routine resource consents can see the Christchurch City Council planning and building team who have relocated to the Upper Riccarton library, Main South Road, Sockburn, until further notice. It is open during 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday.
• While the drop in centre has temporarily relocated, consent applications may still be lodged online through the council website (

Community Briefings
Wednesday 9 March
• Dallington / Avonside / Richmond – Richmond Park 9:30 am
• Burwood / Parklands / Waimari Beach – Parklands Reserve 12 pm
• North New Brighton, New Brighton, Bexley – Rawhiti Domain 2 pm
• South Brighton, Southshore – South New Brighton Park 4 pm

Friday 10 March
• Brooklands and Spencerville – Brooklands Domain 10am
• St Albans / Edgeware – St Albans Park 1 pm
• Halswell – Oaklands School 5 pm
Community Assistance
• 57 people at Pioneer welfare centre over-night (this is the only remaining welfare centre open).
• Two new Recovery Assistance Centres will be opened today in Mt Pleasant and Hagley Park.
o Mt Pleasant Yacht Club 41, Main Rd Mt Pleasant).
o Old Boys’ Collegian Cricket Pavilion, Hagley Oval , South Hagley Park.
• Existing Recovery Assistance Centres are located at:
o Nga Hau e Wha Marae (250 Pages Road, Aranui).
o Linwood Community Link (154 Aldwins Road).
o Wainoni / Aranui Recreation Centre (31 Hampshire Street).
o Parklands Baptist Church (180 Queenspark Drive).
o St Faiths Hall (45 Hawke Street, New Brighton).
o Shirley Rugby Club (Burwood Park, New Brighton Road).
o Lyttelton Recreation Centre (25 Winchester Street, Lyttelton).
o Sydenham Community Centre (23 Hutcheson Street).
• Residents are asked to continue to check on their neighbours and help those in need, particularly with emptying chemical toilets.

Chemical Toilets
• 4,800 chemical toilets are being delivered around Christchurch.
• 5000 more chemical toilets will arrive on Thursday 10 March.
• 20,000 more chemical toilets are still to come.
• There are disposal tanks distributed around the city.
• Disposal tanks will be dug in to the ground to make it easier for people to empty their chemical toilets.
• The aim is to call on all properties in the eastern suburbs to offer a chemical toilet in the coming days.
• If you are not home when chemical toilets are being delivered a note will be left in your letter box detailing how you can obtain one.
• People should avoid putting chemical toilet waste, or any liquid waste, bagged or not, into their red or any other bin.

Ferrymead Bridge – temporary closure tonight
• The Ferrymead road bridge will be closed from 8pm for 15 to 20 minutes on Wednesday 9 March.
• The bridge closure is to enable a crane to be moved from a work area adjacent to the bridge.

Metro Place Transfer Station Open
• The Council EcoDepot at Metro Place, Bromley will re-open to the public from Wednesday 9 March, 7.00am – 4.30pm. All Council transfer stations are now open.

Geotechnical Inspections – Eastern Port Hills
• Geotechnical inspections are underway in eastern Port Hills areas including Sumner, Redcliffs, and Lyttelton, to allow some evacuated residents to return home.
• Inspections are designed to reduce the size of evacuated zones and to identify houses within those areas which are at risk from landslides or rockfalls.

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