Ensure your safety during this controlled visit of the CBD – Sunday 6 March 2011

Placard flyer

Download the Placard flyer 39 kb PDF

Buildings will have either a green, yellow or red placard attached to them.

Green Placards:

  • Buildings are considered safe to enter and appear to be in much the same structural condition as prior to the earthquake.
  • Building may need further inspection or repairs.
  • Building owners are encouraged to obtain a detailed structural assessment of the building as soon as possible and report any unsafe conditions to Christchurch City Council.

Yellow Placards:

  • Buildings are considered either suitable for restricted access until issues are resolved or use may be possible in those parts of the building that have not been damaged.
  • Entry only for short periods of time supervised by your / or another engineer.

Red Placards:

  • Buildings are considered unsafe to enter
  • Detailed Engineering Evaluation required before building use can be reviewed.

Yellow and red placards may contain more detailed written information concerning the damage sustained.

In some parts of Christchurch, black and white sheets have been left. These are equivalent to either green or yellow placards.

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