Public information update, 4 March 2011 12 noon

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Public Information

Text Messages

  • For the first time in a declared emergency, text messages have gone to Christchurch residents through all three telcos: Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees.
  • These are messages of support that keep residents informed on welfare, public safety and useful information and the feedback is that they have been well received.

Other Languages

  • Resource and information sheets are now available in nine languages including Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tongan and Maori.
  • These sheets can be downloaded from the internet at the website

Welfare Centres

  • Needs assessments of welfare centre users are being completed.
  • The structure of the welfare centres is changing to meet the needs of affected communities.
  • People using Rangiora, Burnside and Windsor welfare centres are being transitioned and supported with appropriate services. This includes alternative accommodation options and psychosocial services.
  • By 5pm today Pioneer Stadium welfare centre will be the sole remaining welfare centre open 24 hours a day seven days a week, for the foreseeable future. Pioneer Stadium can take up to 600 people.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) six recovery assistance centres will open. They will be located in the eastern suburbs and offer information and services. More recovery assistance centres will open next week. Confirmed locations will be available later today.

Portable toilets, chemical toilets and showers

  • Portable toilets – 1,111 now out on streets across the city; 62 more going out today; (decisions on where these will go not made yet); 960 more ordered.
  • Chemical toilets – deliveries in eastern areas around Anzac Ave / Wainoni / Breezes Rd / Pages Rd will be finished today. 1,750 are in place and more chemical toilets are on the way: 3,500 more expected to arrive in the next week, and another 20,000 after that.
  • Showers – an 18-stand mobile shower truck is due on Monday. This will go to areas where people have no water.

Bus services

  • Yesterday the first of the city’s bus services were back on the road, and everything went well.
  • About 60% of the bus network is back up and running.
  • Loading was high on The Orbiter. Additional buses will be put on the Orbiter route today to cater for high demand.
  • There were quite a few requests for additional services on the eastern side of town. Road conditions in these areas will be assessed on Monday, to see if further services can be put on (this allows the weekend for contractors to do further repairs over weekend.)
  • Reasonably good demand for other services across the city.


  • Good progress on clearing silt. Yesterday 50,000 tonnes cleared. Another 60,000 tonnes still to clear which will take another week. 420 contractors involved. Total tonnage of removed so far is around 218,000 tonnes.
  • If you are piling silt on the roadside – don’t include items like bricks, masonry, carpet, or building materials otherwise it won’t be picked up. Store these in your yard until you can transport them to a city refuse station.
  • Traffic congestion is making it harder for contractors to clear roads and begin remedial work – keep your journey short and obey all traffic rules (giving way to the right if traffic signals are not working).

Building Evaluations

  • As of 1am this morning, 3,006 properties within the four avenues have been assessed. Of these 45% have been red or yellow stickered.
  • We’ve inspected 1,017 heritage buildings of which 50% of group 1 and 2 heritage buildings are red placarded
  • 21,812 residential properties have been inspected of which 6% are red placarded (1,350 homes)

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