Public information update, 2 March 2011 12 Noon

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  • Plans are progressing to allow people to retrieve vehicles abandoned within the CBD cordon, and for limited access to some buildings. Threats to personal safety remain the main reason behind the continuing
    restrictions and will restrict access to high risk areas.
  • Affected people can expect to start hearing from authorities within the next 48 hours.

USAR CBD searches

  • USAR teams have done a second sweep search of some of the red placarded buildings where they believed people may have been inside.
  • They have also entered other buildings where hazards were suspected.
  • This sweep unfortunately required USAR teams to break open locked doors and windows to gain access.
  • Over the last few days a locksmith has accompanied the USAR teams, however the CCC has now engaged a contractor to secure these buildings.

Weather / fire risk

  • There is a total fire ban across Canterbury. No rubbish can be burned outside
  • Winds forecast to reach up to 90kmh in city today – fire service responded to calls about lifting roofs overnight and there is a risk from airborne debris.
  • Dust from silt likely to be big problem and fire service has been wetting roads.
  • The resulting dust from drying liquefaction is not a health concern but can be an irritant.
  • People are urged to be extremely careful around trees because root systems may have been disturbed and high winds could see them fall over.

Hill Suburbs evacuation update

  • Residents of 60 homes in Sumner have been evacuated due to the unstable cliff face near the Sumner RSA.
  • Bowenvale Ave has been evacuated due to threat from a large unstable boulder.
  • Seven houses in Dalefield Drive in Cashmere have also been evacuated due to threat from a large unstable boulder.

Bus service

  • Limited Metro bus and ferry services in greater Christchurch from tomorrow, Thursday March 3, They will operate free for two weeks.
  • Limited services will be offered for northern routes and for western/southern routes between 7am and 7pm seven days a week. Eastern surburbs will be serviced by Metrostar, the No.60 service and the Orbiter. The poor condition of roads is limiting the number of services that can be provided in eastern
  • The northern services will operate from a terminus on Bealey Ave (between Durham Street North and Montreal Street).
  • The western and southern services will operate from a terminus near Christchurch Hospital (on Hagley Ave between St Asaph Street and Riccarton Ave). Environment Canterbury staff will be based at both locations to provide help and advice for people wanting to use bus services.
  • A shuttle will operate from tomorrow (3 March) between the terminus near Christchurch Hospital and Bealey Ave so people can transfer between routes.


  • As traffic builds around the city, the crews working on road repairs and silt removal are being hampered in their work. Therefore people urged to make only essential trips
  • Avondale Bridge is open for light vehicles only, max weight 3500kg.
  • Main North Road between Sawyers Arms Road and Vagues Road is open
  • 135,000 tonnes of silt removed, by the 7th March estimated to have got rid of 226,000 tonnes


  • Overnight 40 people at Burnside, 67 people at Pioneer and 8 people at Windsor welfare centres
  • Contrary to reports in the media, Windsor School is not able to offer showers to members of the public. It has limited showers available for local residents.

Water and waste

  • Aftershocks continuing to cause fresh breaks in water mains – there are currently 120 crews working on restoring water across the city.
  • More portaloos and toilets are on the way.
  • 67% of Christchurch has had water services restored


  • 86% of the city has been restored to Christchurch. More than 27,000 homes in East-Christchurch are still without power.
  • Generators that can service 200 homes at a time are being bought in to service the eastern suburbs.
  • It is hoped power will be restored to half of the homes currently without power by Sunday (6 March).

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