Public Information Update – Tuesday 1 March 2011, 7.00pm

This information may have been superseded.
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Key new information
Main North Road closure
*       The Main North Rd has been closed to northbound traffic between
Sawyers Arms Road and Vagues Road from 3pm because of a collapsed carriageway.
*       People in cars travelling north on Main North Road are advised
to detour left at Harewood Road in Papanui.
*       Work on the damage is expected to be completed later tonight.

Stay away from Christchurch beaches
*       The public are advised to stay away from all Christchurch
beaches – until further notice – as seawater is contaminated with
*       While contamination at the beaches may not be obvious, residents
are strongly advised the health risk is very real.

Information for affected residents
*       The student army today delivered thousands of FAQ sheets to
households in Parklands, Woolston, St Albans, Shirley and Mairehau.
*       Another 120,000 FAQ pamphlets will be delivered tomorrow to
residents in the most affected suburbs.
*       The pamphlets are being translated into Chinese and Korean.
*       Information signs are also being prepared and will be deployed
in key parks on Wednesday.

Residential property inspections
*       12250 properties were safety assessed by 2pm today.
*       1444 properties have been red stickered.
*       2113 properties have been yellow stickered.
*       8693 properties have been green stickered.

Chlorination of water supply
*       From today parts of the city’s water supply will be chlorinated
to kill disease-causing bacteria.
*       This is due to infrastructure damage to sewerage and water pipes
following the earthquake.
*       The public are still advised to boil water for drinking and
brushing teeth until further notice.

Stabilisation of Hotel Grand Chancellor
*       The stabilisation work was completed today.
*       Search and rescue teams have entered the building and reached
the fifth floor and will continue their work this evening.
*       Nearby buildings in the potential collapse zone have also been

Removal of silt
*       Work crews and volunteers are continuing to remove silt from
roads across the city.
*       By Monday night 120,000 tonnes of silt had been collected with
the estimated total amount revised upwards to more than 200,000 tonnes.

*       Water supplies will be intermittent for the next two to three
*       Remember to boil ALL water before drinking –  including tanker
water, de-salinated water, and normal tap water – until further notice.
*       Note that when supply is initially restored it may be turned off
again soon after to repair any leaks, particularly in the eastern part
of the city.

*       Anyone with commercial liquid waste should use a tankered waste
company to collect their discharge for disposal.
*       There are 856 portaloos currently available in Christchurch.
*       200 more portaloos are due on Wednesday.
*       109 more will be arriving on Thursday and another 960 are coming from the US by the weekend.
*       30,000 chemical toilets have also been ordered.

NZ Post
*       Limited postal services resumed today (Tuesday 1 March),
primarily in the northern and western areas of Christchurch.

Fire Ban
*       A total fire ban for open-air fires has been declared by the
National Rural Fire Officer across Canterbury for the next 48 hours from
midday today, due to high winds forecast.

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