Public Information Update 7:50pm, Sunday 27 February 2011

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Wastewater on beaches

Wastewater repair crews this afternoon found sewerage overflowing on streets and properties in the Waimairi area. The sewerage has been diverted and is being flushed through storm water pipes in to the sea in the North Beach/Waimairi/Parklands area. Residents have already been advised to stay away from rivers, the estuary and the sea, because of sewage overflows into the Avon and Heathcote rivers. Residents are further advised to stay away from beaches in the North Beach/Waimairi/Parklands area.

Work to repair pipes is ongoing and the public will be advised when this emergency procedure is stopped.

Community and Public Health CDHB has the following messages regarding the discharge of sewage from the five outfall pipes between North Beach and New Brighton

  • People need to avoid all and any contact with anything coming out of the pipes.
  • The sea water in this area will be contaminated so, no swimming or recreational water activity.
  • Do not fish or gather seafood in this area.
  • This discharge will not affect the water desalination plant in operation in the vicinity.
  • Community and Public Health will advise on the situation as more information becomes available.

Message for CBD Building Owners

  • Owners of buildings in the CBD are advised that they are still unable to check on their properties while the recovery operation continues. It could be days before entry is gained. Properties need to be safe to enter and within safe areas.
  • Essential services such as telecommunications and utilities are now getting permission to go into the cordoned area.


  • The Minister of Housing has announced that all tenants in the most affected suburbs will not be charged rent for three weeks, backdated to 22 February. This will apply to about 2500 properties, and any rent already paid by tenants in these areas since the earthquake will be repaid to them. Tenants in affected homes in other suburbs may also be eligible
  • 4 welfare centres are open – at Pioneer Stadium, Burnside High School, Windsor School and Rangiora Baptist Church. The welfare centre at Cowles Stadium is now closed.
  • Staff are providing food, support and Civil Defence payments for groceries, clothing and bedding
  • Anyone requiring emergency financial assistance should go to the WINZ centres currently open in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Ashburton, Hornby and Riccarton. Centres in Linwood (154 Aldwins Road) and Shirley (203-205 Hills Road) will open tomorrow (Monday). Or call 0800 479 997.
  • The Student Volunteer Army was out today in the eastern Suburbs dropping flyers about where to find help. They will be in New Brighton tomorrow.

Essential services


  • The Army and Fire Service are currently working with Council to supply water at Diamond Harbour.
  • Shower units are being setup at welfare centres
  • Water tankers remain in the same positions as yesterday
    • Boil ALL water from taps and tankers before drinking, brushing teeth, or washing or using in food preparation. Water only needs to be boiled once.
    • Please remember that tanker water MUST be boiled before drinking.
    • Alternatively, water can be treated by adding household bleach to it. Use 5 drops of bleach to 1 litre of water or 1 teaspoon of bleach per 10 litres of water and leave for 30 minutes before drinking.
    • The City Council will advise when it is no longer necessary to boil or treat tap water.


  • Work will begin tomorrow on flushing the sewer system
  • CCC has 735 portable toilets to date – another 250 on order
  • 960 portable toilets have been requested from Australia
  • 3 large units are located at the Art Gallery, Pioneer Stadium and Burwood Park
  • 30,000 chemical toilets have been ordered. 5,000 are on the way
  • It is estimated that 75,000 houses are without sewerage


  • 80% of customers are back online
  • Approximately 37,000 customers are without power


  • Large numbers of crews and volunteers are working on sand removal and making roads safe
  • This critical work is being hampered however by ‘rubber-neckers’. People are asked to only use the roads if you have to, and to keep traffic moving.
  • We aim to have 90% complete by the end of next week
  • Some strategic roads remain closed. Roads reopened in the last 24 hours include:
    • Tunnel Road open from interchange of Port Hills Road to the tunnel
    • Lyttelton Tunnel open to emergency vehicles and Lyttelton residents

For information on road and bridge closures, visit

Operation Suburb

  • 10,577 private residence visited to date with 567 red-stickered.
  • 60 inspection teams – that will be doubled to 20 tomorrow – by Wednesday aiming for 200

Operation CBD

  • Stickering of buildings has been completed for the CBD (the area within the four avenues) apart from the no-go areas around the HGC, PGC and CTV buildings
  • 2,940 buildings have been assessed
  • 755 red-stickered
  • 909 yellow
  • 1,276 green

Student Volunteer Army

  • The Student Volunteer Army is working with Civil Defence and the Ministry of Social Development to clean silt from properties and streets, distribute thousands of informative newsletters to east Christchurch residents who have no power, and attend to small one-off jobs.
  • You can register for help, or volunteer on

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