Kerbside Collections: 6.30 pm Thursday 24 February 2011

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Issued by: Christchurch City Council

Normal service for kerbside collections will continue tomorrow – Friday 25 February.

For next week only:

The kerbside collection will be for red rubbish and green organics bins and will be a rubbish only collection.

We are expecting that many residents will have perishable food stuffs from freezers and fridges that will require speedy disposal.

For those without power, you can put your compromised frozen food into either bin.

A single truck will collect both bins so there will not be a separate rubbish and organics collection.

There will be no recycling collection anywhere in the city next week as these items are clean and storable, and we recommend you store your dry recycling packaging until recycling collection starts again the following week – Monday 7 March.

Monday 7 March: normal collection will resume


NO human waste is to be placed in your organics bin. Please bury this in your garden and ensure effective hygiene for you and your family throughout.

Donations of money can continue to be made through the official Red Cross appeal at

Government Welfare/Accommodation 0800 779997

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